Monday, April 29, 2013

motivational Monday

It's bright and sunny outside yet I feel like I have a black cloud over my head causing me to be in a funk. I hate this feeling and I think I know why the black cloud is here. I didn't work out yesterday and have yet to today- I've had all the time in the world but just haven't got up on the treadmill. But I will- I promise. I need to so that this black cloud goes away.
Weekend recap: Friday I got my sweat on at the gym and felt awesome. On Saturday I worked out at home- stretching, hand weights, jumping jacks and the treadmill, 2 hours of sweating- felt so awesome. Then met up with my bestie for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. She had not seen me since December and was thrilled with my loss; she on the other hand has been hiding away because of her weight gain- I remember those days all to vividly. Well she has decided to go through with the band. She has started the whole insurance hoops and hopefully by November she will have a surgery date. I'm so excited for her. Then on Sunday I dragged my husband to a time share presentation just so I we could get 2 nights at a hotel and 2 park hopper tickets to Disneyland... the things I do for free things. He was a sport about the whole thing. But by the end of the sales pitch we had been there almost 3 hours and I was HUNGRY. When we finally got home with the kids and situated i threw 3 red baron pizzas in the oven and ended up eating 3 slices- luckily they are small. Then we sat out and enjoyed the evening - the boys playing catch, the princess dancing to the radio and the hubs and I sitting leisurely. But I had no work out, and I can feel it. So what am I going to do about that now? I'm gonna get my sweat on!
Here are a few motivational posters that I saw on Pinterset ( I love that site) that spoke to me. I hope that they speak to you and help push you off the couch and into a sweat.


Thanks for stopping by- I hope you have a great week.