Tuesday, April 2, 2013

weigh in day

I'm not gonna lie- when I got on the scale first thing this morning it showed a 2 pound gain but then I went to the gym came home and got on again and that time it showed only a 1 pound gain so I'm going to stick with that one :)  that brings me to 171 even. still in the 170's hoping that next week I can say goodbye to them forever.
Did you notice I went to the gym? It was so good to be back- stayed for 2.5 hours and burned over 900 calories. Now to work on the food intake and keep myself on track along with getting all my protein in and taking my vitamins... I have gotten pretty lazy when it comes to that. My already thin hair is getting thinner- yuck. Hoping that getting in my protein will help with this but I think I'll add a prenatal to help.

A gain in weight sucks but I'm not going to let this little pound derail my efforts. I will get back on track and get back to shedding those pounds.
Thanks for stopping by- hope you got your sweat on today.