Thursday, April 11, 2013

my fist support group.

I went to my first support group last night- it was the Emotional Support group held at my surgeons office. They hold their groups once a month so I do plan on going back next month. It was so nice to sit face to face with others who have been where I am, seen what I have seen, felt what I have felt. It was great to be able to sit and share and give advice based on where we have been. Don't get me wrong, I get that here in blogland- and I made a point to mention that at the meeting last night; but this was different- to actually see the person and their emotions. It helped me feel more connected to the WLS community. Don't worry I'm not going anywhere, I love to read and get inspired from each and everyone of you.
They also have groups for nutritional support followed by yoga, weight loss support, and groups geared towards each surgery. I will definitely be taking advantage of these resources.
I highly suggest that you look into going to a group meeting too if they are readily available. I honestly don't know why I waited so long.

But I do have to say that there was one particular woman there who I was just baffled by- and not in a good way. She had reached onederland and had plateaued- we've all been there at one time or another, right. She says she exercises every day for 2 hours a day and she said she has never measured out her food. She is a sleeve patient, so I'm not too familiar with all that as I am a bandster, but it was suggested that she switch up her routine, try something different and to start measuring her food... she turned her nose up so fast at that suggestion she almost got whiplash. She has tried everything and nothing has worked... well if it were me I would take any suggestion I could to help drop more weight and stay in onderland.
I guess that's just my crazy mindset to try just about anything to help me use the tool to the best advantage.

Well thats about all for now- I did get to the gym today and burnd 720 calories- I am awesome! I am trying to keep myself positive and happy as TOM is quickly apporaching and I loath it along with the moods and cravings it brings with it. I did cave to the chocolate demons and had a fiber one brownie...but now all I want to do is sit with the enitre box and chow down.... ugghhh

Anyways- hope you're all having a good week and getting your sweat on.
thanks for stopping by.