Thursday, April 25, 2013

TTT- with pictures!!

1. got a much needed fill yesterday (.5cc)  hope it helps with the excessive hunger

2. went to my first lap band support group the other night- I will be back, but there are a few whiny ones there that I could do without- i have to remember that it take all kinds in this world.

3. because of my fill yesterday I didn't get to go to the gym and i wasn't up to walking on the treadmill so it was a day of rest.

4. i did get to the gym today and it felt good.

5. after the gym i stopped by the store and somehow the Skinny cow cookie dough ice cream bars landed in my cart along with the weight watchers candy bar ice cream bar.... amazing how that happened (btw the skinny cow bars are tasty)

6. am i the only one that gets "attached" to people through their blog? I mean seriously, we put our inner most thoughts onto a blog that we allow total strangers to read. I feel an actual sense of friendship and trust with my fellow blogger.

7. I have signed a deal with the PTA devils- in return for getting the princess into the Pre-k program at the school I have in turn volunteered to be the President. anyone else a PTA mom?
8. since i seem to the only one who has yet to post a post-workout pic here is mine for the day

9. I really should be cleaning but whats the point, my boys will be home in a few hours and it will be a mess again.

10. with my fill yesterday the doctor told me my BMI had dropped almost 10 points... and in a few more pounds I would be "normal" - woohoo!
well that's all for now- I guess I will at least go put a load of laundry in just to say i did something domestic today.
Hope you're having an awesome day
Tanks for stopping by.