Monday, April 8, 2013

Motivational Monday

I was feeling rather sloth like today due to the weather and PMS and wasn't even considering going to the gym but when my mother in law called and asked if I wanted her to watch the princess so I could go I actually jumped at it. It was a good thing- it helped give me a little boost of energy. And if the scale holds till tomorrow I will be (scale whore remember) 3 pounds from the 50 pound mark  since surgery. So hopefully I can drop them not by tomorrow but by the next weigh in. (why the rush) well it's not really a rush- I will drop them hopefully sooner than later, but I do have a doctors apt with my primary doctor the following week and it would be great if I were 50 pounds thinner. He hasn't seen me since a month before my surgery. So this week that is my motivation this week.
So what is your motivation for the day? week? month? year?
Oh and did you read this on MSN? A woman who had lap band had gone from 329 to 189 and decided she liked being fat over thin so she had it removed and is back up to 280-  I mean more power to ya but after all the time and effort to get the band and lose the weight to toss it aside like a used tissue is baffling- what do you think about it?

Thanks for stopping by, oh and welcome to all my new "followers". Also thank you for all the comments about my fur baby, it really meant a lot to me; having this blog really does help in matters other than lap band and for that I am thankful and thankful for all of you.
Hope your having a great start to your week. And always remember.....