Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday wrap up

This week started out slow with no motivation; my get up and go had got up and went without me.
Tuesday, weigh in day was a gain on the scale... never a fun thing to see those numbers that you thought you had said good bye to forever.
Thursday I finally got my butt to the gym - 2 hours and 700 calories later I felt good and even saw an all time low on the scale (scale whore) of 164.4 ; I hope it stays down for my official weigh in on Tuesday.
Today was spent running errands; went to the DMV to register the new mom mobile, then a disastrous drive to get my hair cut (ended up driving all over town to find my hair dresser- damn smart phone sent me to the wrong salon that or I put in the wrong address either way my smart phone should have known. Finally got my hair cut, it had been since before my surgery since my last cut unless you count my butchering my bangs in a desperate attempt to keep some control. My hair dresser is wonderful; I have know her since before she went to beauty school. She was so thrilled when I got there- she said she hardly recognized me. She fixed up my hair- shorter than I really like but all the dead is gone, now I just need to slap some fresh color on it- I have 2 inches of regrowth... so not sexy.
Finally on my way home I stopped at Wallyword to get some milk and decided while I was there to try on a few things. I have bee trying to avoid this just to keep from spending money that I will hopefully have to downsize eventually. I tried on 3 dresses... one was a XL16/18 and that was too big. Then I tried on a L 12/14 it fit perfectly and then a Junior size 17 and that also fit great. The next thing was jeans- I tried on a 14... way too baggy so I tried on a 12 holly shit they fit! so I had to buy them, they jumped into my cart and wouldn't budge, and of course I needed a new shirt to finish it off... I actually felt slim (still trying to slim down the tummy rolls) but I looked good in it... It has been a while since I can honestly say that. (I will post a pic tomorrow, just have to dig up a before pic, I have always stayed away from the camera)
With all the running around today I did pretty good food wise; I packed a meal bar to keep me from making a drive through mistake, but I should have packed more water- live and learn.
Tomorrow night I have a date with the hubbs, got rid of the kids and everything! Sexy Time Can Commence without interruption! Sunday I will get to sleep in- not sure what I'm more excited for, sexy time or sleeping in.
Well that's my week. How was yours? Just remember a bad day does not define you progress. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and keep going.
Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by.