Thursday, January 17, 2013

feeling bunches better

I woke up feeling bunches better today. I was able to get out of bed without wincing in pain or grunting so that is a good sign. However I still have a dull throbbing pain in my lower back so I'm going to take it easy today.
on top of all that  pain TOM showed his ugly, bloated head which isn't helping with the back pain. I'm thinking that the cramps and the spasm may be related but I really don't care- pain is pain and I don't like it. I also made a stop at the dreaded taco hell and have eaten crap yet again this week - a soft taco and a bean burrito- i hate hormones, they run the show and my cravings. But to concur my sweet tooth I bought some sugar free pudding and sugar free jello, now just to keep my kids away from it.
anyways, thanks for your concern and comments yesterday. I should be back on the treadmill tomorrow.
Thanks for reading.