Thursday, January 10, 2013


Ten Things Thursday!

1. Got my first fill today. Found out that I actually had 3cc of fluid in my band already and they added 1.5 more bringing me to 4.5ccs

2. I have been on all liquids today because of my fill and have no energy- I get to eat again tomorrow, yeah!

3. I do not get along well with my surgeons scale- it said 199 and my scale says 195.2.... I think I will stick to my scale ;)

4. My boys (11 yr old twins) have been so great helping me with the 3yr old terrorizing princess- my mood has been pretty foul and they have jumped in to help me keep from doing something drastic

5. Right now I know I'm not hungry but my head hunger is telling me different- uggh

6. Watching Big Bang right now, one of my favorite shows!

7. Thinking about going back to work, not sure if I will do it but the thought and want to be with other adults is there

8. Really needing to get off my butt more often and get my body moving- anyone have a good exercise DVD they can recommend of a kinect game

9. I am not as annoyed with my husband as I was yesterday, but still slightly irritated

10. Grocery day tomorrow, should be fun having not "eaten" today and my hunger being guided by my brain.

thanks for reading