Tuesday, January 8, 2013

weigh in day

For the past week I have been fighting off the crud that my husband so generously shared with me and our kids. I think that I am finally over the worst part and have just a bit of congestion in my chest. But he and I did manage to duck out of the house on Saturday to enjoy a nice dinner to celebrate our anniversary- it's actually today (16 years). We normally get all dressed up and head to our favorite steak house (Vegas is loaded with them) but this year we kept it low key and headed to our favorite coffee shop that serves some of the best prime rib-  (aside from the fancy steak house).  It came with salad (got the dressing on the side and gave hubby all the croutons) served with choice of potato- I asked for steamed veggies instead but of course- no substitutions, so baked potato it was with just a pat of butter and choice of bread (gave that to hubby too). It was soo good. I enjoyed every bite until I realized I had eaten EVERY BITE- ughh, apparently I am still a member of the clean plate club. And the to add to the gluttony hubby and I enjoyed a wonderfully decadent chocolate eclair. It was soo good and though I felt like a stuffed pig I did not guilt myself. I enjoyed a nice dinner with my husband.
The next day I slept most of the day in an attempt to rid myself of the crud that was taking over my body- It did help that I had no real appetite so the calorie onslaught from the previous night was used for what little energy I had.
That brings me to today- weigh in day. I was a bit nervous to step on the scale for my official weigh in because I am a self admitted scale whore and step on that evil device multiple times a day and was sure I would see a gain but to my surprise and wonder i saw a loss- 196.4 YES!!!! I'll take it.
that brings my numbers to...... drum roll please......
Seminar in May: around 225
Day of surgery: 215.8 (- 9.2)
week 1 post op: 207.6 (- 8.2)
week 2 post op: 204.2 (- 3.4)
week 3 post op: 202.6 (- 1.6)
week 4 post op: 199.2 (- 3.4)
week 5 post op: 199.8 (+ .6)
week 6 post op: 196.4 (-3.4)
a total loss since surgery 19.4

I love my band!
Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great day.