Thursday, January 24, 2013


Ten things Thursday

1. I got my second fill today bringing me to 5.5 cc in my 10cc band.

2. It was McTeacher night for my boys school, got the family their dinner there while I sipped on my protein shake- so glad I'm not a big fan of MickeyDs

3. According to my doctors scale I have lost 6 lbs since my last visit 2 weeks ago- he was impressed.

4. My husband has been sick with the flu this week, thankfully not a full out stomach flu, and I have yet to get it... quick knock on wood.

5. Last night in an effort to avoid eating mindlessly I cleaned my boys bathroom- ewww

6. Tomorrow is grocery day, should be fun after not eating real food today

7. getting tired of hearing about Beyonce lip syncing for the inauguration,.... seriously, how is this news.

8. Thinking that I may need to get a new pair of jeans, my "ol reliable" pair are getting pretty loose.

9. Looking into getting a heart rate monitor to help keep track of my calories burned- any suggestions?

10. Thats all folks. as always thanks for reading. And if you're new to my blog drop me a line with a link to your blog so I can follow you.