Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When and how often do you work it?

I'm sitting here in a nice sweaty sheen after my workout and I was thinking who else works out this late at night (it's just now 11:30p)? I would prefer to get my sweat on earlier in the day but I have 3 kids, one that is a full time nightmare terror delight and then 2 older ones that are in school during the day. I have tried getting up before everyone but I am by no means a morning person and as much as I have tried to set my alarm for an hour before they kidlets get up I have got more exercise in hitting the snooze bar then getting in an actual workout at that hour. I have even tried during nap time, but lets face it- when she naps I nap and mama loves her sleep. So my choices are to workout while everyone is up and when I should be making dinner or refereeing my boys and trying to keep my 3 yr old from destroying the house, dogs, her brothers...ect. or to wait until I get my quiet time after everyone is in bed- I choose the latter.
But I did get my walk in earlier- tried to get my 3 miles but had to stop after just after a mile and a half because my muscle in my back was hurting too much but once it subsided I got back up there and got another mile in, not the 3 I wanted but better than not working it at all. Thankfully my boys watched after the 3 yr old after daddy went to bed so I could get that last mile in. And after everyone was in bed I got in my day 3 of the shred. I feel accomplished for getting it done but it makes for a long day.
I'm starting to think I may be pushing myself too hard. I used to work out all the time then i just got out of the habit mainly because of issues with pain; I have a bad back (muscle spasms), joint pain in the knees, and at times a bad attitude... ;)  I know, we all have our pains but should I back down a bit on the workouts? I mean honestly I just started getting back into the habit of walking everyday and working out;  I only ask this because my back is feeling as it about to lock up and spasm on me and the way I injured it was by trying to be super woman at the gym long before kids came into the picture.
Anyways....Sorry to for rambling, so here's the root of it, how do you work it, how often do you work it, and when do you work it?

thanks again for all your input. I honestly appreciate it.